Regulatory Alert - July 2018

Aegis extends this brief regulatory update and reminder of upcoming routine regulatory reporting deadlines:

Unannounced Inspections 

Virginia DEQ has received directives from the EPA to increase the number of unannounced inspections. If you need assistance with making sure you are ready for an inspection (with recordkeeping, reporting, or internal audits identifying potential areas of improvements) please contact Jessica Gunter at 

Proposed changes to Aboveground Chemical Storage Tanks 

A proposed change to the regulation of Chemical Storage Tanks (HB1136), which would require stricter tank standards than the federal regulations or current DEQ regulations require, failed in 2018 due to some issues with the availability of appropriate API standards and tank compatibility issues. In response, Delegate Rasoul has proposed a series of meetings with industry and stakeholders in the Roanoke region to develop 2019 legislation designed to protect water sources from chemical spills. It is anticipated that these meetings will look at existing requirements under VA DEQ regulations, assess US DOT tank standards and develop proposed legislation for the tanks, secondary containment and site security. Look for further alerts from us as this moves forward or contact the Virginia Manufacturers Association or Virginia Agribusiness Council to find out more.

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