Aegis Update- December 2021

What do you like most about working for Aegis?

Aegis Environmental was established 25 years ago. Since 1996, we have partnered with large and small businesses, municipalities, universities, and the federal government to ensure responsible operations, reduce risks, navigate compliance with regulations and promote sustainable practices. As a small business, we are able to provide great flexibility and customized solutions with applications that can be scaled to businesses of all sizes. We have earned high standing in the industry through our expertise, depth of knowledge, and commitment to the individualized client details that make a difference. Our team of dedicated and committed environmental professionals have decades of experience providing organizations like your solutions that benefit a better tomorrow. From environmental engineers, geologists, scientists, inspectors, and auditors, our team members develop strategic and effective environmental solutions for any challenge that may arise.

Quotes from Aegis employees:

“Working for a small business is great, it allows me to work on a wide variety of projects. It is terrific being close with my coworkers, from owners to the newest hire.” Mason Pritchett Senior Geologist, 24 years of experience 7 years with Aegis

 “I have been with Aegis for my entire career, 11 years, and have loved the opportunity to watch Aegis grow while at the same time growing personally and professionally. I enjoy being able to focus on my projects and helping our clients.” Chris Lampel Environmental Engineer III, 11 years with Aegis

 “Working for a smaller company like Aegis has given me the unique opportunity to feel more trusted with my work tasks while also gaining new experiences in the environmental compliance field.” Taylor Kokal Project Scientist, 5 years of experience 1 year with Aegis

 “Working for Aegis has allowed me to learn from my fellow co-workers and grow in my skills and gain experience and knowledge in the industry.” Dawn Ankrom Administrative Technician, 7 years of experience 5 years with Aegis

"Working for a small business gives me the rewarding satisfaction of following each challenging project through all of its phases: from identifying the business opportunity; developing a solution and preparing a competitive proposal; putting together the right team for the project; guiding the project through all of its unique challenges; and delivering a successful result for the client……And then doing it again and again for each unique opportunity." Scott Mortimer, Sr. Project Manager, 9 years with Aegis.

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