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Virginia DEQ Updates to a new Stormwater Management Handbook

What’s new: The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has announced a new Stormwater Management Handbook, effective July 1st, 2024. The updated handbook is designed to be a dynamic resource, providing comprehensive information on stormwater management.The handbook:

  • Will consolidate nine existing guidance documents, memorandums, and manuals into one document. Providing a single source of current guidelines and regulations to help streamline your planning process. 
  • Includes two New Best Management Practices for construction projects to better address erosion concerns on your sites. (1) Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC) – Restoration approach that restores the natural stream ecosystem by freeing stream flows from incised channels.(2) Tree Planting
  • Implements Phosphorus Load Adjustments to a more accurate total phosphorus (TP) for new development set at 0.26 lbs/acre/yr. Projects should be prepared to adjust their stormwater management plans to meet the new standard.

What’s Next: It will be crucial for those involved in construction to familiarize themselves with the changes to ensure compliance and to take advantage of the new BMPs available.

There are no current changes to the stormwater handbooks for North Carolina or South Carolina, but we recommend keeping an eye on communications from the state agencies to be aware of changes in the future.

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