Environmental Training

Environmental Training

One of the most important things you can do for your employees and your company is to educate them. Proper training can reduce the cost of company insurance premiums, help avoid an expensive environmental clean-up and penalties and fines, ensure a competitive EMR rate and reduce the expense of loss-time accidents

However, searching through stacks of environmental regulations to delineate specific training requirements is a daunting task for over-worked environmental coordinators. Aegis’ environmental training experts can relieve that worry by providing an inexpensive comprehensive training assessment to assist you in determining your specific training needs. We can audit and make recommendations on existing training programs or help you setup a comprehensive training program complete with a database tracking system and recommended course options.

We have the ability to design courses that are tailored to the specific needs of your employees and offer the flexibility to alter our existing courses. We specialize in assisting you to determine what training is required for whom so that your shrinking training budget is used for training the correct individuals on the correct material at the correct frequencies. We’ll help you identify the best training methods for a focused audience and design the courses to educate efficiently. Aegis offers training in multiple delivery methods, including, but not limited to, interactive online training, webinars, and onsite (off-the-shelf and custom).

Interactive Online Training and Webinars

Aegis offers electronic options such as interactive online training and live webinars. These delivery methods have been a rising trend for companies that want to achieve quality interactive training and cost-savings. You can purchase Aegis’ online training individually with the click of a button or you can contact Aegis to order a batch of online training so multiple people at your facility can take the course. The online training features topics related to hazardous waste, hazardous material transportation, and spill prevention control and countermeasures regulations. Aegis is currently expanding this course catalog, so check back often to find the course you are looking for or make a course suggestion by contacting Scott Mortimer at smortimer@aegisenv.com.

Live webinars are a great way to train your employees on complex regulatory requirements while giving them the advantage of interaction with an expert in the field. Aegis can train your employees by means of a webinar on our off-the-shelf training topics or can tailor the training webinar to your facility’s needs. Webinars are a great tool for comprehensive training while reducing the costs of travel by the trainer or your employees.

Onsite Training

Aegis is well-known for its outstanding onsite training capabilities. Aegis comes to you nationwide with their highly trained experts for all of your environmental training needs. Training courses can be customized to be specific to your facility and its operations. Some regulations require “function-specific” or “site specific” training such as the Department of Transportation-Hazardous Material Regulations and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans. Aegis will discuss all of the regulatory requirements and assist in determining applicability to the unique circumstances at your facility. You and your employees will be prepared to apply the knowledge gained from Aegis’ training to your operations.

Offsite Training

Aegis can host training courses at offsite locations which allow attendees from different industries and companies to take classes together and learn from each other’s experiences. These classes can be applied to all types of facilities and can be a great cost-effective way to send just a few individuals to receive the training they need. Offsite training courses include, but are not limited to, RCRA for Generators, Department of Transportation-Hazardous Waste Regulations, and Dangerous Goods by Air-using IATA Regulations.

Training Records Management

Documentation of required training is as important as the training itself. Aegis has developed an off-the-shelf Training Tracker program using Microsoft Access(R). This training module helps you keep track of your courses, instructors, trainees, and required training. Printable rosters and emailable reports of upcoming training needs are standard features to this Module. Aegis can also customize the Training Tracker for your specific company needs.