Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions

Manage your environmental permits accurately and efficiently with Shield® from Aegis. Shield® is an innovative, custom compliance and reporting platform built on Access®, SQL Server, or other commonly used platforms upon request. This data management solution is especially designed for industries, governments and educational institutions that require operational flexibility, yet must comply with regulatory requirements.

Shield® provides:

  • Flexibility to include air, waste and/or water permits as facility needs dictate
  • Access® platform allows for easy archiving
  • Dynamic structure allows for ease of retroactive corrections to reports
  • State, federal and custom reports on environmental data can be included
  • Easier maintenance and updates that the facility’s own personnel can handle
  • No need for expensive long-term maintenance contracts
  • Database that is delivered entirely to facility ownership with six months or 10 hours of technical support provided

Because this system is completely customizable, Shield(R) can be developed for most data management and reporting needs.  As some of the most commonly requested systems, Aegis has developed the following Access® Database Modules to assist you in your environmental data and permit compliance tracking:

  • Shield® Air Module: This Module allows for monthly input of equipment use information (such as fuel usage and hours of operation), calculates emissions on a monthly and annual basis and generates your emissions reporting forms for state submittal. This module also features permit compliance tracking, including monthly audits and deviation reports, and environmental task tracking reports. Shield® Air Module is customized to each permit to maximize the usefulness.
  • Shield® Water Module: This Module allows for input of monitoring data and monthly audit question data, and generates deviation reports and DMR forms for submittal. It is customized to your specific permit and can be combined with the Air Module or Training Module.
  • Shield® Waste Module: This Module allows for entry of waste manifest data, calculates your generator status, and combines similar waste streams and reports on the appropriate EPA forms for the biannual reporting.
  • Shield® Training Module: This Module helps you keep track of your required training courses, including schedules, instructors and trainees. Printable rosters and emailable reports of upcoming training needs are standard features. Customization is available as an add-on option.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of one of these frequently requested Modules, or for more information and to discuss your facility data management needs, please contact us at