Environmental Reporting

Aegis has extensive experience in assisting clients with environmental reporting requirements. Accurate and thorough reporting is important in maintaining environmental compliance and in fostering a strong environmental program that reduces liability and risk. Whether you have quarterly, annual, or one-time requirements, our experts can help you save time and money by managing and completing your environmental submittal needs.

We have depth of experience in report preparation and have developed and submitted environmental compliance reports for large industrial and commercial clients, municipalities, federal government clients and major academic institutions, all in various states. We have used remote access as well as provided on-site assistance in obtaining pertinent information to complete the necessary environmental reports.

Some examples include:

  • NSR and Title V air monitoring, CEMS Quarterly Reports, Visible Emissions Method 9 and permit deviation reports, Title V Annual Compliance Certifications and Semi-Annual Monitoring Reports, air emission inventories and other air reports
  • Storm water and wastewater monitoring and discharge reports
  • Hazardous waste identification and generator reports required by RCRA and state-specific regulations
  • Waste reduction/minimization planning and related reports
  • Hazardous chemical and emergency planning reports, including Tier II and TRI Form R

We will help you develop a customized database with auditing capabilities using our proprietary software program, Shield®   which tracks your monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements, and generates your environmental reports for submission.

For more information about our reporting experience and qualifications, please contact Chris Lampel at clampel@aegisenv.com.