Environmental Auditing

Some firms excel at fixing environmental problems, such as air/water pollution, unsustainable waste generation etc., after they’ve occurred. Aegis helps your organization steer clear of trouble before it begins.

Environmental Audits are critical measurement tools of any environmental management program, and best practices to attain compliance include audits conducted by an independent, 3rd party entity. An outside firm can objectively gauge the effectiveness of the organizational structure and management involvement in facility environmental affairs. A thorough audit will assess compliance with specific permitting and regulatory requirements and evaluate “best management practices” currently utilized in the facility and compare and contrast those observed in other industries. This insight combines the “best of” approach in environmental management practices and improves the facility’s overall environmental program.

Additionally, the EPA not only encourages audit programs, but often provides enforcement discretion for self-reporting infractions noted during audits.

Aegis has conducted numerous environmental compliance audits for municipalities, academic institutions, and industrial/commercial clients, and has assisted in the development of environmental audit programs for baseline compliance and/or Environmental Management System (EMS) programs.

Aegis staff consists of professionals certified in the following: RABQSA Environmental Management Systems, RABQSA Management Systems Auditing, and RABQSA Leading Management System Audit Teams.

Environmental audits offered by Aegis include:

  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Programs
  • Compliance with the Oil Pollution Act, Clean Water Act, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Landfill Operation
  • Basic Chemical Handling
  • Fire and Police Training Facilities
  • Buildings and Public Works Shops
  • Fleet Maintenance

For more information about our audit experience and qualifications, please contact Kim Lanterman at klanterman@aegisenv.com.