Environmental Training

Educate your employees. One of the most important things you can do for the health and safety of your employees and your company, is to educate.

Proper environmental training can reduce the cost of company insurance premiums, help avoid an expensive environmental clean-up, penalties, and fines, ensure a competitive EMR rate and reduce the expense of loss-time accidents.

However, searching through stacks of environmental regulations to delineate specific environmental training requirements is a daunting task for over-worked environmental coordinators. Aegis’ environmental training experts can relieve your worry by providing a low-cost, comprehensive training assessment to help you determine your specific environmental training needs.

We will audit and make recommendations on existing training programs or help you set up a comprehensive environmental training program complete with a database tracking system and suggested course options.

We design environmental training courses tailored to your employees’ specific needs and offer the flexibility to alter our existing courses. Determine which training works for the right employees with the material and frequency best suited for them.

You will be guided on identifying the best environmental training methods for your employees and design the courses in a way that makes sense for your organization, and efficiently educates them. Aegis delivers environmental training through interactive online training, webinars, and onsite (off-the-shelf and custom).

Contact Scott Mortimer at smortimer@aegisenv.com for more information on our training capabilities.