Lyndsi Laufenberg
Project Engineer

  • B.S., 2021 (Environmental Engineering), Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Lyndsi joined Aegis in May of 2021 during her final senior semester at Clemson University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. Before joining Aegis, Lyndsi completed an undergraduate research project in evaluation of water quality where she was able to strengthen her knowledge of field testing and drinking water requirements. The project assisted a local water authority in improving their process. Her initial assignment with Aegis is providing on-site environmental compliance assistance for a manufacturing facility. She has assisted the facility in completing the SARA 313 compliance report; revised both the quarterly and the annual industrial stormwater inspections; developed and organized a new environmental compliance filing system; developed environmental compliance checklists and calendars. She has completed the monthly SPCC inspection, the quarterly industrial stormwater inspection, industrial stormwater sampling and visual inspections. and the wastewater DMR.