Donna  Wirick
Senior Project Manager

  • BS Chemistry 1983, Virginia Commonwealth University 

  • Undergraduate Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering courses, Virginia Polytechnic University, University of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University 

Donna began her career in environmental testing laboratories, managing quality control, business operations, and complex analytical projects for industrial clients. Building on that experience, she moved on to managing quality control laboratories, petroleum fuels blending operations, environmental compliance programs, and petroleum remediation projects for small refineries, interstate petroleum pipelines, and petroleum terminals across the country.  

Ready for new challenges, Donna left the petroleum industry, and began working with developers of industrial power generation facilities, using both traditional and renewable (biomass) fuels. During this time, Donna also worked with industry groups in the development of the Boiler MACT, providing insight and data for developing achievable requirements for smaller sources using biomass and other non-traditional fuels.  

In 2016, Donna began providing “part-time” environmental permitting and compliance management for multiple locations that don’t need a full-time manager but do need someone with a broad background and experience in permitting, compliance, training and managing regulatory agency relationships.  Using this model, Donna has managed environmental permitting and compliance at coal fired electric utility plants, small manufacturing facilities, industrial steam suppliers and chemical companies. She also continues to work with developers on projects that need experience and creativity to negotiate and optimize the permits and compliance requirements needed for successful projects.