Regulatory Alert - August 2021 Construction General Permit (CGP) Updates

Aegis extends this brief regulatory alert regarding reissuance of the Construction General Permit (CGP) from the EPA:

EPA is in the process of reissuing its Construction General Permit (CGP) for stormwater discharges from construction activity. This new 2022 CGP will replace the current 2017 CGP which expires on February 16, 2022. While the changes in the proposed 2022 CGP only apply to areas under EPA jurisdiction, many NPDES-authorized states model their own CGP after the EPA’s. Therefore, many operators where the EPA is not the permitting authority can expect to be subject to the changes included in the 2022 CGP. Some key changes that will affect construction activities include: 

  • Turbidity monitoring of discharges to “Sensitive Waters”
  • Definition of “Routine Maintenance” and “Corrective Action”
  • Greater specificity on dewatering controls
  • Additional inspection documentation and inspection training requirements
  • Photographic documentation requirements for permit coverage termination (i.e., NOT)

Aegis has prepared a summary of the changes included in the 2022 CGP that can be viewed at: Construction General Permit Proposed Changes

For full details on the changes included in the 2022 CGP, please see:

The reissuance of this CGP will likely affect stormwater discharge requirements for most construction activities. 

For more information or assistance, please contact Scott Mortimer ( or Matt Reynolds (