Aegis Update- July 2022

Aegis Adds New Software Tools to Improve Diagraming Capabilities

The Aegis team recently acquired new software to improve our quality and efficiency in creating professional drawings and flow diagrams. Wondershare Edraw Max allows even the least computer-savvy professional the ability to create intricate drawings with its expansive catalog of tools and drawing options. The software demonstrates a quality improvement from traditional MS Office drawing tools (e.g., PowerPoint, Excel flow diagrams, etc.) without the expense and technical experience necessary to employ AutoCAD tools.

Why it matters: The new drawing software has proven to be a tremendous aid in supporting several Aegis clients.

  • Aegis prepared hundreds of facility and process flow diagrams for an EPA Information Collection Request (ICR) in a quarter of the time required using the more traditional MS Office drawing tools.
  • Aegis has also applied the drawing software preparing process flow diagrams in support of air and wastewater permit applications. 
  • Other uses have included facility site diagrams and use in training materials. 
  • Aegis’s experience with Wondershare Edraw Max has improved the detail and clarity of typical drawings, using a more efficient process at a lower cost. 
  • Work products can be exported into any MS Office file type and seamlessly inserted into any report or presentation.

On behalf of our clients, Aegis is routinely looking forward to future software solutions that improve efficiency and increase our work quality. An example output from Wondershare Edraw Max depicting one of our favorite consumer goods is presented below. Enjoy!