Aegis Regulatory Alert- January 2022

First quarter is always a busy time for environmental permit compliance reporting. It is important to remember deadlines and reporting periods since requirements vary by discipline and state agency. 

AIR: Title V semi-annual reports are due by January 30 for the second half of 2021. This report summarizes compliance with permit limitations, any exceedances, and applicable corrective actions. 

WASTE: Tier II reports for Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventories are due by March 1 for 2021. These reports are submitted to your state environmental agency—preferably electronically. Local emergency and fire personnel must also receive reports. 

GREENHOUSE GAS: Annual reports for 2021 are due by March 31. The EPA provides an applicability tool to determine if your business is covered. 

Aegis Environmental works with many clients in numerous states to ensure that applicable reporting is confirmed and completed on time. Our staff and environmental compliance tracking tools such as Aegis’ SHIELD can ensure that your company is protected. 

For more information on this alert, please contact us at 888-675-1220.